New Age Flamenco

Gypsy Jazz Duo & Trio

Acoustic Cabaret

Traditional Jazz Band

Specializes in live performances at festivals, corporate events, restaurants, bars, small concert halls, private houses, cocktail parties, wine tasting, dance rooms, shopping malls, fundraising and charity events.

The group is ideally suited for playing during wedding receptions, ceremonials, lunch and dinner times, private parties, dances, art exhibitions, etc.
By replacing string bass of the standard "Django" ensemble with the virtuosic tuba playing of Oleg Ruvinov, Dixie Gypsy's unique interpretations of well-known classics recreate this happy match of New Orleans swing and Gypsy passion.
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"Acoustic Cabaret" project - Is a combination of songs and music genres: unique interpretations of well-known classics recreated. The ensemble, lead by the virtuosic bass and tuba player Oleg Ruvinov, takes the audience on a dazzling musical journey around the world. Their repertoire includes Latin, Swing, GypsyJazz, Mediterranean, plus Pop and modern songs.
Different singers perform with Acoustic Cabaret each lending their own ambience and charisma,  adding variety and always creating a uniquely satisfying Acoustic Cabaret experience. 

The DIXIE KINGS JAZZ/BRASS BAND includes an authentic musical line-up - trumpet, reeds, trombone, tuba, banjo/guitar and drums. BAND have won an enthusiastic reception across Northwest area, not only for their old school jazz style, but for bringing an irrepressible sense of fun and frolic to their shows. MARIANNA is an outstanding group of local artists featuring traditional to contemporary music sung in languages from all over the world.;
Trio/Duo MARIANNA is a perfect fit for any occasion and great for all ages and ranges from traditional to contemporary - specializing in cabaret, jazz, latin, and world music - featuring well - loved favorites as well as unique global gems.